Join us for a workshop that is simply, awesome.

June 10-12 2016 | Madison, Connecticut




by kellie

Molly speaks in a language of analogy that makes my jaw drop. I usually miss what she is saying because I am so in awe of her brilliance...but then I tune in and she blows my mind. It was Flickr 2009 that I decided to start a conversation with an online stranger and over the years Molly became my best friend in the industry. As she continues to knock me to my knees with her simple and profound images, she reminds me my life is taking place in the times I am overlooking.


by jenn

4 years ago I discovered this artist, Kellie Hatcher, offering a Light + Life class. At the time, shadows and light made me nervous. I was the seeker of 'even' light and windows with the subject facing them was my go-to for indoor shots.  Kellie's course literally changed my whole approach to shooting with light. She opened my eyes to the oh-so-important aspect of light intercepting dark. Of metering. Of embracing the fact that rules were there to be learned and then discarded to be able to grow your vision. And she did it all in a down to earth, approachable way. 



by molly

While my artistic mind is a messy ball of emotions and colors, Jenn approaches her art with strategy and purpose. Her business is a blend of beauty and brains and she has managed to create a business model that is not only very successful but never compromises her artistic integrity. Jenn is a wealth of knowledge and talent and I cannot wait to soak up all she has to share about the ins and outs of running a successful and fulfilling photography business.